SAT Word of the Week

Building vocabulary is essential to a reading and writing proficiency. It is also an essential part of standardized testing including the SAT and ACT.

Each week a new SAT word will be added to our list. Involve your entire family in learning and using this word in regular conversation. One word a week is doable! For vocabulary ideas, read our post entitled Vocabulary Building: A Family Affair.

Add your tips for vocabulary building in the comments section.

August Words:

kerfuffle:            a commotion or fuss
quandary:           a difficult situation
kindle:                to ignite
remuneration:     payment for work done
hamper:              to hinder
quaff:                  to guzzle
talisman:             lucky charm

September Words:

abhor:                 to hate
impecunious:      poor
salubrious:          healthy
colloquial:          informal

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