Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Top 10 Little Known Careers for Creative Writers

Do you have a student who loves to write but just can’t imagine how she can make a living that utilizes this skill? Well, wonder no more! There are a smorgasbord of careers that the creative writer can pursue to combine their love of the written word with a paying career. And, of course, some of these careers are, well, creative!

10. Greeting Card Writer: Creative Writers come up with those clever rhymes and moving poems that consumers buy regularly.

9. Song Writer (Lyricist): Creative Writers partner with musicians to write catchy and meaningful lyrics that people just can’t help but sing along to.

8. Comic Book Writer: Creative Writers make up the   monsters and villains that kids and adults alike love to hate.

7. Travel Guide Writer: Creative Writers travel the world finding great activities and hotels and then use their words to entice us to visit.

6. Blogger: Creative Writers spend their days writing on every topic from gardening to gaming.

5. Advertising Executive: Creative Writers create jingles and commercials that catch the attention of even savvy shoppers.

4. Reviewer (Movie, Book, Restaurant…): Creative Writ- ers sample things and write their opinions in maga- zines, newspapers, and online publications.

3. Publicist: Creative Writers: Creative Writers schedule interviews, appearances, and handle press releases and advertising for their clients.

2. Columnist: Creative Writers use their unique point of view to create weekly articles on  topics that interest them for publications around the world.

1. Literary Agent: Creative Writers read manuscripts for quality work and represent the author in their publish- ing ex perience.

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