Friday, December 18, 2015

When do you place a comma between adjectives?

It can be tricky to know when commas should be placed between adjectives. Learn this simple rule and you will never wonder again!
Use a comma between adjectives which both independently describe the noun (these are called coordinate adjectives) as in the example: the tall, green tree. In this case, tall and green both describe the tree. 
However, if the adjective right before the noun is paired with the noun as a unit (a cumulative adjective), then no comma is used as in the example: the bright blue water.  In this case, the water is bright blue, it is being used together as a descriptive color.
Look at another example:
the tall canopy bed
In this example, canopy bed is a unit that tells the type of bed, and tall is an adjective used to describe the canopy bed.
One hint: if you can say the word “and” between the adjectives and the sentence still makes sense, then place a comma there.
wearing her characteristic, white t-shirt,
In this case, the two adjectives are characteristic and white. Since you placed a comma between them, read it again using the word and.
wearing her characteristic and white t-shirt,

This doesn’t sound right. Therefore don’t use a comma between these adjectives. 

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