Thursday, November 19, 2015

You and Me or You and I?

Remember that when writing a list of people including yourself in a sentence, you must first ask yourself if the group of people is serving as the subject of the sentence or the object. It is not always "you and I". 

If the group of people serves as the subject in the sentence, place yourself last and use the pronoun I. Think of it this way: it is polite to let others go before you. Also, if you are putting yourself as the subject of a sentence, you would say I not me.
I like to eat pizza.
Me like to eat pizza.

If the group of people serves as the object or object of a preposition, use the pronoun me. As in the previous example, you would say "to me" not "to I."

Give that book to me.
Give that book to I.

If you are confused as to whether to use I or me in a sentence, always take out the other people in the list and use I or me and it should become instantly clear which pronoun is correct.

Group as a subject:
My brother and I enjoy riding bikes after school.
Group as an object:

My mother enjoys the holidays so much that she makes cookies for my brother and me every day during December.

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