Thursday, July 23, 2015

Celebrating Three Great Years of Writing!

Online Scribblers is celebrating our third year of encouraging and teaching writing to kids around the world! What began with six students learning to write awesome 5 paragraph papers in my living room has grown into an online platform serving students in 26 states and 3 countries! 

The success of Online Scribblers is testament to the desire of students across the globe to learn writing basics and the passion we have to teach them.

So it only seems fitting, as our first post on our Online Scribblers blog, to look back at how it all began three short years ago. Back then I was busily writing my second novel and blogging about the craft and process of publication. In the time since, I have met wonderful students and dedicated families who have welcomed me into their homeschool lives and inspired a new passion. Thank you!

Here is the first announcement of Online Scribblers (which began as San Diego Scribblers) back in July of  2012...

The Launch of San Diego Scribblers!

As some of you may know, I've been in the process of launching a series of writing classes for children...a uniquely under served group with huge potential for creativity!

It all began this past year with my own children as I noticed my daughter beginning to write stories and illustrations on scraps of white printer paper. She had an interest in creating and writing, just the way I had as a child, yet her desire was not being nourished in school.  At the same time, my son was writing academic papers in History and English class, yet no one had taught him the basics of how to write a good thesis or the fundamentals of a superb hook. So in an effort to supplement their traditional education, I began formatting my daughter's tidbits of stories into mini books for her, and I saw her pride soar. I began teaching my son the "ins and outs" of academic writing and watched his confidence skyrocket along with his grades as teachers began to hold up his work as the class standard.

Then I began to implement writing techniques with my middle school Girl Scouts. We created a troop newspaper in which each girl was responsible to cover one of our activities and write a catchy headline and article to document the happenings in our troop. Now, three editions later, I still smile as I distribute their newspapers and watch them search for their articles and bylines inside the pages.

That's when it hit me: It isn't that children today are not good writers and communicators; it's that children are not given the proper instruction and opportunity to do so. Thus, San Diego Scribblers was born with the motto: "Every Child Can Be A Great Writer!" Our first session of summer classes was a hit and I think it was hard to tell who was having more fun - the teacher or the students. Now, I'm eagerly looking forward to the next series of classes and the ones after that.

Nevertheless, I may have been busy the last few weeks getting the word out about San Diego Scribblers, but now I'm back and full of topics to blog about. So there's just one more thing...  Is there any way to squeeze just a few more hours into each day?  

In the past three years, our courses have gone online rather than face to face, and we have adopted a new name and logo, but our mission of teaching all children to write well and with confidence has remained steadfast. 

Here's to a great three years and many more to come!

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